Engine 49

Engine 49 is a 2005 Pierce Dash CAFS custom pumper. This unit is equipped with a 1500 gpm pump, 750 gallon water tank, 50 gallon class "A" foam cell, Hercules 140cfm air compressor, and a Husky 10 foam system. The engine carries 1200ft. 5" supply hose, 600ft 3" supply hose, 1 preconnected 500gpm Mercury attack monitor, 1-100ft. preconnected trash line, 2- 200ft. preconnected 1 3/4" lines, and 1- 200ft. 2 1/2" preconnected line. The engine is also equipped with a Harrison 8KW generator, which powers the scene lights and a hydraulic ladder rack, which holds 48' of ground ladders. Some other special features of this apparatus are the remote controlled Akron Saber master deck gun and external foam tank fill which allows our members to stay off the top of the truck, which can be quite hazardous. This apparatus responds first due to all fires. *E49 is also AED equipped.

Engine 49-1

Engine 49-1 is a 2003 Pierce Dash custom pumper. This unit is equipped with a 1250 gpm pump, 1500-gallon water tank and three 10" dump valves. The engine carries 1200ft of 5" supply hose, 600ft. of 3" supply hose, 2-200ft. 1 3/4" preconnected hoses, and 1 -150ft. 2 1/2" preconnected hose. This engine is also equipped with various supplies including 30ft. of 6" hard suction hose, for drafting out of streams, ponds, or rivers to supply a fire scene. The engine is equipped with 40' of ground ladders and misc. medical equipment. This apparatus runs second out on all structure fire calls and is part if the Southeastern Berks Tanker Task Force.

* E49-1 is AED equipped. 


Rescue 49

Rescue 49 is a 2002 Pierce Dash Rescue-Pumper. R49 originally served as Engine 2221 for Myrtle Beach Fire Dept. until 2008, when it was purchased by the Amity Fire Company to be utilized as a Rescue Pumper. R49 is equipped with a 20kw generator, 3,000 watt light tower. The rescue is outfitted with a complete line of Hurst hydraulic rescue equipment as follows, an electric trimo with 3 tools pre-connected on reels, a gas powered Duo unit which runs two tools, a 32A (Jaws of Life) 32" spreader, 2 O-cutters, Maverick and multiple size hydraulic rams. Also on board is a full line of air bags, cribbing, and struts all to stabilize and rescue victims from vehicles, industrial, or residential applications. This apparatus carries a full line of medical equipment to stabilize patients at accidents or medical calls until the ambulance arrives. *R49 is AED equipped and is a state certified rescue truck. While carrying all this equipment R49 is also a Class 1 Engine carrying 500 Gals. of water, 1000 ft of 5in supply hose, and 4 preconnected attack lines. R49 also runs all R.I.T calls.

Other Equipment carried on Rescue 49

  • Numerous Rope Equipment
  • Stokes Basket & Back Boards
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Gas Meter
  • Fans
  • 40 Gal. of class B Foam

Utility 49

Utility 49 is a 2G12 GMC Sierra 3500HS 4-door diesel with a Reading utility body that will run various calls such as fluids down, trees down, pump jobs, and most of all medical assists to the various ambulance companies that cover the township. Utility 49 is equipped with a Hurst combination tool and stabilization devices. Utility 49 carries all vital BLS medical equipment and is AED equipped.

Chief 49

Ford Explorer Chiefs Vehicle


Traffic 49

Traffic 49 is a 2006 Ford F-350 4-door Diesel pickup that serves the Amity Fire Department in a variety of ways by providing traffic cones, road flares and barricades, detour signs and other miscellaneous safety equipment on all emergency calls that Company 49 responds to. In addition to fire department emergencies, traffic 49 also responds to non-emergency incidents at the request of the Police & the township of Amity. The primary role of Traffic 49 is to establish detours and new traffic patterns through or around incidents while keeping your Fire Fighters as safe as possible. Along with support in Amity & Douglass townships, Traffic 49 may also be called upon to provide Fire Police Only support to our neighboring communities when traffic situations dictate more manpower. Traffic 49 is equipped with BLS medical supplies.